Candy Store Display


Every month you will receive 6 personally selected different types of sweets to try along with a few other treats.  I am also working along side some other small local businesses and I shall be sending you some of their products to try each month. 

Each month you can decide on a fortnightly or monthly box.  You can also sign up for a 3, 6 or the ultimate 12 month subscription. 

Each months boxes will have a different theme and I will base the sweets on those themes they are: 

January - The Blues

February - Love

March - Spring 

April - Easter 

May - TBC

June - My Birthday 

July - Weddings

August - Summer

September - Back to School 

October - Halloween 

November - Fireworks

December - Christmas

All subscription boxes will be £15.00 and will be delivered free to the local area.  A charge will be applied for postage.