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Hey Everyone

Shem's Smashing Sweets, is a independent business that is run by me, Sherri. 

I personally put together all of the items.

Whether you are looking for a pick and mix, a movie bucket, birthday cones or wedding favours I love putting all your personal messages onto each order.


At Shem's I have tried to make all of our products either reusable or recyclable.   Since starting in 2020 I have tried to keep my products of the highest quality at the most affordable prices for all.   

Please take a look around at Shem's Smashing Sweets and use the Let's Chat! button if you should need any help. 

Shem’s Smashing Sweets started off in Lockdown 2020 when the world was in a pretty crazy place.  

Shem’s has since grown so much.  I am now working with a few local business suppling them with sweets for their business, if you visit Kits Coty Glamping you will receive my sweets on arrival, if you order from Vivid Wire you will receive a little packet of sweets in your box of joy and if you join Books to Love, children's book club you will receive a sweet treat from me.


I have been so blown away by each and every order.  I have fallen in love with this sweet business and I love putting together all your orders and seeing all your faces when I deliver your treats or when you send me pictures of when your gift have been given.

Thank you for your continued support of my business.  I cannot thank you all enough. 

Sherri xx

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